The Last Bag (White)

$90.99 CAD

Beach Towels, hiking boots, a wet tent...some of the things we carry would benefit from a bag that breathes and drains. Our 100% recycled mesh has a thick, basket-like weave and works great to hold everything from produce to kayak gear. It comes in both 17”and 21” sizes, can be confidently carried with one handle, and folds flat. 

Dimensions: Comes in two sizes: 17” and 21”. The 21” is 50% bigger than the 17" and carries larger items like boots, camping gear, or a week’s worth of groceries.
21" Standing 12"w x 17"h x 10"d
21" Folded 24"w x 10"h x 1.5 thick

Care: Wash with soap and water, citrus cleaner, standard household cleaners, bleach safe.

Materials: Constructed with 18oz. #3 Coated Fabric, 100% recycled mesh, #70 bonded Nylon Thread, High Density Polyethylene plastic and Military Grade Hardware.

Made in Twisp, WA.