$799.00 CAD


Handcrafted out of traditional ceramic by the artisan, the OVOPUR features natural accents and variations, a pearly white robe and a unique crackled glazing.


The unique shape of our water filtration unit did not result from sheer serendipity. Inspired by the work of water research pioneers, its shape eases the circulation and regeneration of water. Its overall look is one of abundance, purity, rebirth, and infinity. Its appealing curves and use of fine materials like porcelain, glass, and metal bear witness to our commitment to aesthetics and quality.

The OVOPUR combines the unique shape of an egg and the thermal properties of porcelain to preserve and revitalize water. Its sleek curves and total absence of right angles allow water to flow freely and naturally. Temperature differences and normal flow induce a biotic movement that prevents stagnation, reduces the risk of bacteria buildup, and helps to revitalize the water. 


Designed to take advantage of the knowledge about the new adsorbent materials and the timeless role of sand in water purification, AQUACRISTAL, the multilayer reusable glass cartridge at the heart of the OVOPUR Origin, contains first quality filtration elements that have proven effective to eliminate chemical and organic pollutants from drinking water by mimicking the action of the natural filtration cycle underground. 


The traditonal ceramic of the OVOPUR Origin is handcrafted in the purest Chinese artisan tradition. Handmade in Canada from native maple wood, the maple base has been specifically designed to support and enhance your OVOPUR unit. Its local production from a renewable natural resource underscores our commitment to protect the environment and reduce pollution from transportation.


The OVOPUR Origin was designed according to the guidelines of sustainable development in order to offer a product of high quality that will accompany you for many years. Its versatile design offers two easy modes. Safe and convenient, the filtration mode with the AQUACRISTAL cartridge ensures a high quality year round water supply. More fun, the OVOBAR mode with the chilling FRIOBAR cartridge allow you to turn your OVOPUR Origin into a stylish and functional beverage dispenser for when you throw a party or for a special event.


Limoges Porcelain, Brass, Glass, Canadian Maple Wood


11 Liters (2,9 gal)
11 x 14 x 29in, 24 lbs

First AQUACRISTAL cartridge included

AQUACRISTAL | replacement filter cartridge

Glass, Silicone, PP, Felt, GAC, KDF55, Quartz Sand, Bioceramics
Life time: 4 months
10 x 21 cm, 0.7 kg (4" x 8.25" 1.5 lb)

Natural & Intelligent water filtration
Replacement filter cartridge for the OVOPUR units
BPA & phthalates free
Designed to reproduce the basic filtration of the natural water cycle, our reusable, multi-layer filter cartridge contains tried and tested, first-class filtering materials that have been proven to remove chemicals and organic pollutants from drinking water. Fits the OVOPUR water filtration units.

Activated Carbon – Obtained by pyrolysis and controlled oxidation to make it more porous, activated carbon has enormous powers of absorption. It is used to trap pollutants that may be present in water. Carbon can absorb up to 99% of nonpolar, organic substances like mineral oils, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), aromatic polyhydrocarbons, phenols (chlorine), halogens (chloroform), and pharmaceutical residues. It is excellent for neutralizing water's taste and smell, effectively removes yeast and micropollutants, and absorbs traces of certain heavy metals. Certified NSF 61

KDF 55 – A powder made up of copper alloy and ultra pure zinc, KDF 55, through a powerful oxidation-reduction process can neutralize up to 99% of chlorine, lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other heavy metals that may be found in drinking water. Not only can it fight the buildup of bacteria, algae, fungi, and scale, but it's 100% recyclable. Plus it contains no chemical additives and meets the exacting standards of America's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Certified NSF 61

Quartz Crystal – Quartz is the most common mineral on earth and the third most abundant element after oxygen and silicon. Used in watchmaking and computing, it is an excellent energy amplifier and conductor. Quartz crystal sand is used to remove any lingering impurities from the water.

Microporous Bioceramics – Microporous bioceramic pellets are made using a mix of terracotta baked at temperatures of up to 1,300°C. This process creates a very porous surface (320 pores per square inch) and constant far infrared radiation. As well as absorbing chemical or organic residues that might be in the water, active bioceramics can soften and revitalize the water by reducing the size of its molecules. Far infrared radiation can reduce water's surface tension and ensure maximum hydration. It can also help stimulate blood circulation and detoxification while preventing oxidation.

Friobar | Cooling Accessory
10 x 31 cm, 0.4 kg (4" x 12", 0.8 lb)

High quality handmade glass
Fits all OVOPUR models
Transform your OVOPUR water filtration system into an OVOBAR beverage cooler dispenser. This is the perfect accessory to complete the delightful and festive OVOBAR experience.

The FRIOBAR accessory is a large cap closed glass cartridge meant to hold ice cubes in the beverages contained in the main tank of your OVOBAR. It keeps your drinks cooler and fresher without dilution from the ice melt.