$262.66 CAD

“A perfect searing machine for big steaks, chops or salmon.”

The FINEX Cast Iron Skillet was inspired by a time when a polished cast iron skillet was at the heart of every American kitchen.

We’ve taken what’s best from this time-tested cookware – sturdiness, versatility and an ability to retain heat – and created an updated version that meets the expectations of today’s cooks and kitchens.

  • Geometric “Multi-Pour” Design and Easy Release Polished Cook Surface

  • Handmade in the United States and Pre-Seasoned with Natural Flax Seed Oil

  • Quick Cooling Polished Stainless Steel Spring Handle

  • Safe for All Cook Tops, Ovens and Grills

  • Self-Basting Lid

We love our grandparents’ cast iron skillets, so we made them better.

Like the best antique skillets, the Finex skillet has a polished ultra-smooth cook surface that minimizes sticking and cleaning. Unlike your grandparents’ skillet, its distinctive geometric shape is pour-friendly. That means less spills and drips, which makes for less clean up. The ergonomic stainless steel spring handle cools down quickly, so no need for bulky oven mitts or floppy grabbers while you’re cooking. We’ve added a ribbed helper handle on the front lip that makes it easy to lift the pan and transfer it from stovetop to table, and a brass cap that makes it easy to hang the pan when you're done.

This skillet gets hot and stays hot.  

The reasons are many why cast iron continues to be a popular choice for both home cooks and chefs – and superior heat retention is just one of them. The Finex 12" skillet’s generous size makes it perfect for searing big steaks, thick chops, and substantial salmon fillets, while the skillet’s extra deep walls handily contain hearty portions. The Finex 10" is the perfect size for burgers, pancakes, and baking. In both sizes, a thick base prevents hot spots and allows it to retain heat even when cold ingredients are added.

Steam equals flavor so if you’re serious about capturing the best tastes your food has to offer, it’s worth investing in a matching seasoned cast iron lid. You’ll find that it comes into play frequently, especially when you want to slowly simmer a sauce or trap heat for poaching eggs or a salmon fillet. We’ve designed our lids with integrated self-basting rings that create ideal moisture control, helping keep the consistency of what’s being cooked just right. A lid also allows you to lower the heat of your burners while maintaining the desired temperature, and it's handy for avoiding potential splatters. Our oven-safe lids are topped with a hand-polished, American-made solid brass knob that makes them easy to lift and set down.

A handcrafted cast iron skillet designed to last forever.  

As with all our cookware, the Finex skillet is made by hand from premium American cast iron, polished stainless steel and brass, and is carefully hand-seasoned the old-fashioned way with natural organic flax seed oil.

At Finex, we are obsessed with cast iron and consider ourselves cast iron specialists. We never compromise, and every single piece of cookware is made to exacting standards. We consider our skillets modern heirlooms: they are designed to last a lifetime and are worthy of passing down to future generations.  Our intention is to create products that honor the tradition of cast iron cooking, and that create delicious and memorable meals for decades.



Weight: 11.1 lbs. Size: 17.2" x 10.4" x 5.2"


Weight: 13 lbs. Size: 18.5" x 12" x 5.4"