Dining Chair No.6

$1,969.96 CAD

Dining Chair N0. 6 is the result of a growing understanding of reoccurring pitfalls found in dining chairs. The joinery in Dining Chair No. 6 by Reed Hansuld is all time honoured traditional mechanical joinery. Be it the pegged bridle joints or the sliding dovetails that attach the crest rail to the back legs this chair is constructed in a way that makes it next to impossible to break.

This construction also allows for the back to flex ever so slightly without any compromise to the strength of the chair. The perfect feature for sitting back and relaxing after an enjoyable meal with friends and family.

This piece is made to order, which makes it customizable in dimensions, wood species/tones, and upholstery. Product can also be sold as pictured. 

Please contact info@bazuva.com for inquiries regarding customization and expected shipping times.

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