$128.99 CAD

Clip is not only a writing instrument but a real fashion accessory, perfect for the pocket of a jacket. It blends elegance and style, handicraft production, and a high level of innovation.

The tip doesn’t need ink or refills and it lasts, considering proper use, a VERY long time. 

Like the 4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano, Clip is not just a writing tool and therefore cannot be compared to a pen or a pencil, but it represents an experience and a totally revolutionary vision of writing and drawing, designed to give form to ideas and to creativity itself.

Clip is accompanied by a notebook that perfectly compliments the Clip.

Clip is 100% made in Italy, and it was created in collaboration with important Italian artisans and master goldsmiths.


Aluminium body
Ethergraf® tip in metal alloy
Accompanied by a notebook, perfectly integrated into the Clip
Dimensions 150 x 12 x 5 mm
Weight 39 gr

dimensions 25x18x1,2 cmweight 228 gr CLIP included