Ambidextrous Slim Keyboard Tray

$208.82 CAD

Sculpted from a solid board of premium black walnut hardwood and then sanded to a butter smooth finish, this tray's tones and quality complement Apple's magic keyboard and magic track pad. Can be set up for both right or left handed users, and there is no need to remove the devices to charge them. There are openings at the rear of the tray to allow for the cables to be easily inserted or removed. Can be used on the desktop, laptop, or in an adjustable sliding keyboard mechanism. Generous areas on the upper surface to allow for your hands to rest on and match the slope of the keyboard. This tray can be used to help prevent repetitive stress injuries by allowing the user to change positions of the control surfaces frequently as well as being able to control your computer from around the room comfortably.

This tray is made with the ecology in mind. It is food safe, non toxic, and compostable.

* Please allow approximately 2 weeks from time of purchase to shipping date